Chthonic: From Beast to Godhead

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / June 1, 2010 /

Found : Chthonic: From Beast to Godhead Of course the Roman Catholic Church could never accept this doctrine of Christ's dark, serpentine half. Yet still the human psyche, in time, developed the concept of the Anti-Christ. This was an inevitability as the Unconscious must always oppose one side with it's equal yet opposite half. Jung…

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The Eden Experiment: Aliens, Archons & the Associative Universe

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / October 18, 2008 /

Reprint of an article originally published in New Dawn Magazine #110, expanded and revised with original illustrations. A fascinating survey of alternative human origins theories and their links to Gnostic mythology!

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How God created evil

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / July 7, 2006 /

God created Adam 6th day. He took a day off and looked at Eden, and found Adam was jerking off all day. Since God was not wise enough to create Evil yet, he couldn't kick him out of Eden. Instead he decided to give him a mate. He ripped off Adam's limb and Created Eve…

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ART? Alternatives Issue #9

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / February 1, 2000 /

Back in 1994, one man began having startling realizations about “the very foundations of [his] being.” He… discovered several texts describing gnosticism, one of the three main branches of primitive Christianity. “Somehow, these ancient Christian heretics had already discovered and written about almost every thing I had always suspected” [he later claimed]. Now, as the…

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