Chthonic: From Beast to Godhead

Found : Chthonic: From Beast to Godhead

Of course the Roman Catholic Church could never accept this doctrine of Christ's dark, serpentine half. Yet still the human psyche, in time, developed the concept of the Anti-Christ. This was an inevitability as the Unconscious must always oppose one side with it's equal yet opposite half. Jung states- "In the ancient world the Gnostics, whose arguments were very much influenced by psychic experience, tackled the problem of evil on a broader basis than the Church Fathers. For instance, one of the things they taught was that Christ 'cast off his shadow from himself.' If we give this view the weight it deserves, we can easily recognize the cut-off counterpart in the figure of the Antichrist. The Antichrist develops in legend as a perverse imitator of Christ's life. He is a true imitating spirit of evil who follows in Christ's footsteps like a shadow following a body…"

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