Many Heavens of the Hebdomad

You Are Here (the Hebdomad)

In the gnostic view, Yaldabaoth built the universe as a sort of cosmic penal colony where “dimensions, times, and seasons” were created in order to keep humans “blinded” and “bound” to the cycle of reincarnation. ((“The Secret Book of John.” The Secret Teachings of Jesus. Trans. Marvin W. Meyer. Vintage, 1984. 64.))

As a soul falls to the Earth on its way to be born, each archon attaches a particular “sin” (or instinct) to it; these same archons jealously prevent souls from leaving the hebdomad after death.

Instead, the souls of the ignorant are captured in the afterworld, their memories are removed, and they are returned to Earth to serve another sentence.

Gnostics who had acheived knowledge (or “gnosis”) could hope to overcome the influence of these evil planetary powers and escape the solar system entirely when they died.

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  1. George Gesslein II on August 26, 2006 at 5:10 pm

    Heaven and Hell

    You make no mention of the terrible hell they give us in each life.
    We can never go to heaven, that is what caused the fall and hell.
    I am ignoring you.

  2. eyensane on August 27, 2006 at 7:56 am

    dont think george is gonna make out talking like that… veils of rev. max tieing his rubber bands together as george spins ever out of direction….ha ha

  3. Stuart May on October 29, 2006 at 3:03 am

    Why does a soul fall to earth at birth, and where does if fall from? :-

  4. George Gesslein II on February 13, 2007 at 2:49 pm

    You guys are pure shit, no love at all. I can’t tell you how much you suck!

  5. mo on June 9, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    There are two basic concepts behind the idea of ‘many heavens’. The first is explored by Sitchin in the Sumerian E.DIN wherein every deity of note had a Eden like nation-city to rule over. This includes the souls of those whom died in the fiefdom. So there was one world, and many (ahem) havens upon it ruled by various deities.

    However, the Gnostic concept of the many heavens is different. There is an uber-heaven governed by the chief Archon. You can call him the Buddha, or one of many other applicable titles. In Revelations, Jesus, through John said ‘NOW IS THE ARCHON OVERTHROWN’, after which (Preterists take note) he himself began his 1000 year reign. So whereas Jesus was called “Buddha Issa” in the eastern nations, Gnostics would just call him the new chief Archon (cue song: come meet the new boss, same as the old boss…).

    The concept of the uber-heaven can be explained succinctly. America has one government but in more or less predictable periods of deliniated time there are different Presidents. Applied to the Gnostic paradigm: One Earth = One Uber-Heaven yet, in predictable periods of time, different rulers. Each ruler will rule over the uber-heaven for at least 500 years (eon), but perhaps as many as 1000 years (Aeon) or even 2500 years (Zoaeon or Zoo-diac age). So the periods of time are governed by the movement of the stars over the Earth, or basically, each heavenly age is a demarcation of the Great Year (25,000 or so years).

    So in each uber-heaven we would expect to see the Earth’s landscape change and sometimes drastically. One aeon might be an Ice Age, while the next might be a time of Volcanism. Each heaven is connected by a physical gateway which navigates time as well as space. The Buddhists teach that, at the heart of Shamballha lies three gateways. One leads to the future empire (the Wheel of Fate/Fortune), one leads to the present empire (the Wheel of Life) and the third leads to the past (the Wheel of Time). In this way a soul whom dies in any age can be rewarded or punished in any other age under the control of the seven Archons ruling under the Chief or King or head Buddha or (insert title here). When the Chief is overthrown, all of his underlings are as well. So when Kronus usurped Uranus, all of the elder Titans were swept out. When Zeus usurped his father, likewise all the younger Titans were swept out and this present era began.

    Now we are still under the authority of Zeus, whom Jesus called his “Father” the “Amen”, which of course is what the Greeks and Egyptians called Zeus: Amen-Ra. So here is where Gnosticism gets dicey. Are we rebelling against Satan, whom last ruled a heaven as Marduk after the Tiamat War? No! Zeus or Enlil Usurped not only Marduk (the younger Yahweh) but all of the family of Shiva (the elder Yahweh).

    After this war, Marduk (aka Mars) was sent along with his siblings to live with Zeus (aka Brahma). All of the family of Shiva is kicked out of heaven (see the Corpus Hermetica) and cast down to the Earth. Shiva/Enki, aka the Devi-el, and his son Marduk (aka Satan) haven’t ruled a heaven since about 11,000 years ago. This is why at least half of the Gnostics are sympathetic to Satan and the Devil, while the other half are supplicants of Jesus (aka Hermes): the “only begotten” son of Zeus/Amen (remember Mars/Cain Abel/Apollo weren’t the sons of Zeus but of Shiva/Kronus). But I digress.

    Plotinus spoke of the “Monadic Arc”, a gestalt which describes a constant churn in the uber-heaven. There is always a punishment and always a redemption, and of course we may add to this the occasional Passion Play. So always we have angels or whatevertitlesuitesyou being kicked out and always we have those earning the brownie points to return. And if you think about the Gnostic concept of the one soul of Sophia split into many constituent parts at the core of each of us, it is an odd way to treat our respective other selves. So we are all assholes and collectively we are an asshole and perhaps the only way out is to just take it easy on our collective self? Thoughts?

  6. clara on October 14, 2007 at 8:22 am


    By George,

    I second the “take it easy on our collective self”… Herein lies the answer to all questions…

  7. Bravo, mo! you have elucidated exceptionally well! on November 6, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    excepting that there is a middle path the true mystic takes in which there no longer is any loyalty to any diety, but in which the person himself/herself becomes his own diety. This is called self-attainment. At this juncure, God becomes You, and You become God, and you liberate yourself from any imprisonment, including the imprisonment of being subject to King archons of varying degrees and ages. You come close to the presence of the Great Mystery and Great Spirit which has no name and needs none either.

  8. Yin on May 27, 2012 at 10:50 am

    So inspiring to hear about your enerpiexce Alexandros, and to think so many more could benefit frome these teachings, just as we have! Wholeheartedly agree John, These amazing ancient teachings are such a blessing for anyone who is prepared to correct their behaviour, and search for a true understanding of unconditional love for humanity. It is also the way to find true peace amongst each other and be one family in our world. Its just a wonder to have found these teachings and a even greater wonder to actually feel the real and profound inner change that takes place within one’s being. This is what I call a miracle!

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