Immortal Man

Christ + Sophia = Immortal Man

The Gnostic trinity of Father, Mother and Child was made complete with the birth of Immortal Androgynous Man, first and only offspring of Barbelo and the Alien God:

“The Invisible Spirit gazed at the Barbelo… and the Barbelo conceived by it, and it begot a luminous spark consisting of light…” ((“The Secret Book of John.” The Gnostic Scriptures. Trans. Bentley Layton. Doubleday /Anchor, 1995. 32.))

The light blossomed into a being known as “Immortal Androgynous Man,” the primordial cosmic ancestor of every man and woman who has ever lived:

“Immediately, the principle (or beginning) of that Light appeared as Immortal Androgynous Man. His male name is ‘Begotten, Perfect Mind.’ And his female name is ‘All-wise Begettress Sophia.’ It is also said that she resembles her brother and her consort. She is uncontested truth; for here below error, which exists with truth, contests it.” ((“The Sophia of Jesus Christ.” The Nag Hammadi Library. Ed. James Robinson. HarperCollins, 1978. 228.))

Outside of time, history, space and matter, Immortal Man (aka Christ) and his consort Sophia dwell together in timeless, androgynous bliss , encompassing and embodying every possible human contradiction and inclination, experience or thought, gender or state:

“This Man is a single unity, incomposite and indivisible, composite and divisible; wholly friendly, wholly peaceable, wholly hostile, wholly at enmity with itself, dissimilar and similar, like some musical harmony, which contains within itself everything which one might name or leave unnoticed, producing all things, generating all things…” ((Bloom, Harold. Omens of Millennium. New York: Riverhead Books, 1996. 241.))

Even today, fragments of this original “luminous spark” – fractalline shards of Immortal Man himself – continue to drift and descend into the world of matter, lodging themselves in the human breast and awakening us to our eternal home.

Rev Illuminatus Maximus

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