ART? Alternatives Issue #9

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / February 1, 2000 /

Back in 1994, one man began having startling realizations about “the very foundations of [his] being.” He… discovered several texts describing gnosticism, one of the three main branches of primitive Christianity. “Somehow, these ancient Christian heretics had already discovered and written about almost every thing I had always suspected” [he later claimed]. Now, as the…

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Like all fools you will perish in your sin

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / June 15, 1997 /

"Why is it that people will believe anything but what the Bible has to say. This Yaldabaoth is the product of the false cult gnostics, A religious order… The sons of God spoken [of in] Scripture actually refers to angels which had taken the form of men that they could take the daughters of men…

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