Like all fools you will perish in your sin

"Why is it that people will believe anything but what the Bible has to say. This Yaldabaoth is the product of the false cult gnostics, A religious order…

The sons of God spoken [of in] Scripture actually refers to angels which had taken the form of men that they could take the daughters of men and the product of this unholy union was a race of people who were giants. This race of people has been proven to have existed, a british geologist and head of the british museum actually uncovered the ruins of a pre flood city with all the signs of having been inhabited by a race of giants, from high door frames to large beds. These people were also highly developed havinga postal system similar to ours and libarary systems, etc…

Jesus had no brothers. He created these beings, as He did all others…

A fool is a mocker, and you mock anything you don’t understand. And like all fools you will perish in your sin mocking something that you have no knowledge of."

– Roy Litser

Rev Illuminatus Maximus

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  1. Roy Where does your mother come from? Do you know where her bloodline crosses? on November 6, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    Niether did Jesus know where his bloodline crossed with his material father…..What I am saying is this. That regardless of the origin of our making, whether unholy unions or not, we have a choice to repent of what we were made of, as Adam did and become Sons of Light or Sons of Darkness. When you err, you err in darkness, because you cannot err in light. How often, have you been reminded that Christians, are not perfect? Who is the perfect? There is NO man who is perfect. Not the gnostic against the christian, nor even the christian against the gnostic. For all have their root in deception, and sin and what else, their low material estate. Do not judge the spiritual truth of others, when your own has not elevated you to the status of Jesus’ ascension…….Remember his own Apostles where not even yet worthy of that. And he TAUGHT them!

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