What is the Emotional Plague?

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / April 7, 2010 /

Found : What is the Emotional Plague? A term initially proposed by Wilhelm Reich for the psychological syndrome marked by irrational insistence on beliefs and ideas that depend on dissociation of mind from body… modernday versions can be observed wherever we are mistaking the virtual for the real… eating the menu instead of the meal,…

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Emotional Plague

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / May 20, 2006 /

In the psychological system of Wilhelm Reich, the "emotional plague" exists as a sort of mental disease which spreads throughout societies whose members are genitally blocked, i.e., incapable of genuine, healthy sexual love or expression. Hating life, creativity and freedom, and terrified that their own frustrated drives could explode uncontrollably at the slightest provocation, victims…

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