What is the Emotional Plague?

Found : What is the Emotional Plague?

A term initially proposed by Wilhelm Reich for the psychological syndrome marked by irrational insistence on beliefs and ideas that depend on dissociation of mind from body… modernday versions can be observed wherever we are mistaking the virtual for the real… eating the menu instead of the meal, mistaking the map for the territory, etc.

As we lose trust and faith in the legitimacy of firsthand experience, we can naturally become more vulnerable and compliant to the dictates of external sources of authority and its endless cycles of obedience and punishment. Without enough trust in our own innate sensibilities, intuitions and instincts we suffer from an absence of vital information, leading to chronic indecision and a growing incapacity to distinguish between the real from the illusory… and what's right from what's wrong. Without… trust in our own direct experience — we remain as timid children dependent on parental approval… for the way we live, work, create and die.

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