Intelligent Design and The Discovery Institute's Misplaced Outrage

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / March 27, 2010 /

Found : Intelligent Design and The Discovery Institute’s Misplaced Outrage See, the problem here for West is not that no one is listening to the ID scholars; the problem is that we are listening to them and their own words are in direct contradiction to the tactical marketing campaign that the DI is trying so…

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Marx, Batille and Nietzsche

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / July 5, 2005 /

FOUND: link Marx: The energy of the proletariat will be released through collective action. Bataille: Bravo! We can be noble savages again. Nietzsche: It would be better to release the energy of those who are truly noble– the higher men. Why not start a secret society and create our own values? Bataille: Brilliant! What do…

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United States of Amnesia

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / July 4, 2005 /

FOUND: this STAGE ONE Psychological: Pervasive Anxiety & Nervousness. Feelings of Insecurity & Inferiority. Compulsive Behavior all resulting in Mild Depression. Psychological effects are not incapacitating and day-to- day functions are still handled however concentration and focus are real issues. Spiritual: Subtle awareness of spiritual energy or entity surrounding (watching) you. Restless sleeInability to remember dreams.…

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Rene Girard and Violent mimesis

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / July 1, 2005 /

FOUND:  The Spirituality of Nonviolence: On Not Becoming What We Hate The more a tragic conflict is prolonged, the more likely it is to culminate in a violent mimesis,” writes Rene Girard; “the resemblance between the combatants grows ever stronger until each presents a mirror image of the other.” With what visage, then, did the…

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The Recovery of Soul in the Wreckage called Western Culture

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / June 30, 2005 /

FOUND: The Recovery of Soul in the Wreckage called Western Culture According to some writers and psychologists, Western culture is in neurosis and has been living in its shadow-side for most of this century. For instance, W.B. Yeats and Carl Jung saw our culture resting in the Sidpa Bardo as described in The Tibetan Book…

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Secular Superstitions

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / June 24, 2005 /

FOUND: Cafe Hayek: …I’ve become convinced that a major difference separating libertarians from non-libertarians is libertarians’ hostility to secular superstitions. I’m not talking here about belief in spiritual deities. Many libertarians (like myself) are atheists; many others (like my co-blogger Russ Roberts) are deeply religious. But almost by definition, all libertarians reject the notion that the…

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