United States of Amnesia

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Psychological: Pervasive Anxiety & Nervousness. Feelings of Insecurity & Inferiority. Compulsive Behavior all resulting in Mild Depression. Psychological effects are not incapacitating and day-to- day functions are still handled however concentration and focus are real issues.

Spiritual: Subtle awareness of spiritual energy or entity surrounding (watching) you. Restless sleeInability to remember dreams.

Physical: Underlying fear of disease (see Psychological). Minor accidents – bruises, cuts, burns. Losing things. Inability to maintain “normal” level of organization. In this stage you will often find yourself running into people with “unclean spirits” — constantly approached by the mentally ill, homeless, drug addicted.


Psychological: Beginning to withdraw from others. You now fight to fulfill daily functions. Serious Depression begins to set in. You are in a constant state of insecurity. Have trouble getting to work or performing you jobs. Begin to miss meals out of apathy/exhaustion/loss of appetite. May begin to take on addictive behavior at this stage: smoking more, drinking, drugs.

Spiritual: Nightmares may begin here! Visits from negative entities/dead on astral plane during sleeAwareness of “shadow figures” on the earthly plane.

Physical: Other people now notice a behavior change! You get negative feedback at work or at home. Psychosomatic diseases, illness begin to kick in. Car accidents. Chronic annoyances in mundane world. Loss of sleep takes toll (you may not be 100% aware of this) : Dark circles under eyes, skin eruptions are common. Night sweats. Ripping sheets off bed is also common. Many complain of jabbing pain in joints, stomach, back of neck at this stage — at irregular intervals.


Psychological: Delusions of grandeur followed by feelings of total inadequacy. Violent fits. Chronic Depression. Inability to function. You may deem your life “Hell” or feel as if you have “Lost your Mind”. Total Paranoia. May result in suicidal thoughts or self- destructive behavior (driving fast, unprotected sex, playing with guns or sharp objects, burning or cutting oneself).

Spiritual: The work, condition or spirit has now officially opened a can of Whoop ass on you. You are most likely spiritually shut down at this point and not receiving any positive energy or information from your own Spirits, Ancestors or Alignments. It has you where it wants you: In a dark corner.

Physical: UNEXPLAINED ILLNESS. Stress causes migraines or headaches. Weight Loss. Anxiety attacks and chest pains are very, very common at this stage. Stomach Aches & Diarrhea. You feel “hot” on the inside of your body. Low grade temperature.

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