Holographic Plenum

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / December 16, 2014 /

“[T]he mind and the body are embedded in the dream and the dream is a higher-order spatial dimension. In sleep, one is released into the real world, of which the world of waking is only the surface in a very literal geometric sense. There is a… holographic plenum of information…¬†outside of time in a kind…

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The Plato’s Cave Allegory & Hyperspace

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / October 24, 2014 /

…the whole idea really is that space-time, the four-dimensional system of Einstein, is really just a subspace of this much higher dimensional space. And so the three-dimensional space that is the space of our ordinary experience is very much an illusion. It reminds me very much of Plato’s idea of the shadow world inside the…

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