The Plato’s Cave Allegory & Hyperspace

…the whole idea really is that space-time, the four-dimensional system of Einstein, is really just a subspace of this much higher dimensional space. And so the three-dimensional space that is the space of our ordinary experience is very much an illusion. It reminds me very much of Plato’s idea of the shadow world inside the cave; this is his allegory; it’s called the cave allegory. Plato said that the people chained in this cave in such a way that they could not move their heads or their limbs would identify their own consciousness, identify themselves, with the two-dimensional shadows. Of course obviously Plato was trying to say that we are more than three-dimensional beings, but we tend to identify ourselves with our three-dimensional shadows, namely our bodies. Of course geometry wasn’t very highly developed then, it was just starting, and so he didn’t have the language to talk about hyperspace the way we do today, but I think he intuitively had the idea.1

  1. Sirag, Saul-Paul. “CONSCIOUSNESS AND HYPERSPACE with SAUL-PAUL SIRAG.” Thinking Allowed, Conversations On the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery, with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. []
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