Aliens as cyborgs from the future

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / April 26, 2010 /

Found : Aliens as cyborgs from the future Consider the possibility of a reality in a different "future" time-space-thought continuum on Earth, where the deformed and technologically advanced and essentially barbaric humans who managed to survive nuclear and other devastations, were genetically engineered by a conquering alien race into a cloneable "living computer", as the…

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National Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / November 14, 2004 /

“…an excellent example of the extent to which Gnosticism has infused the public domain… the Gnostic Friends Network… contains some astounding artwork by “Rev Max,” the Reverend Maximus Illuminatus. On this website are… original, graphic, powerful, sexually explicit and often shocking scenes that incisively and perceptively rework Gnostic (and Christian) themes. Through the medium of…

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The Independent

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / March 18, 2004 /

“The Gnostic Friends Network is a virulent anti-Christian outpouring, headlined Jesus Says Love Your Enemies. It takes the Gnostic belief that this world was the work of the Devil and turns it into a charter for Devil-worshipping that has the shrill sensation seeking of a latter-day Aleister Crowley.” ((Stanford, Peter. “The secret world of the…

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Baptism of Laughter

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / November 2, 2002 /

Baptism was an important sacrament for many ancient gnostics, who found in the reflecting waters of the baptismal pool a ready symbol for the illusory surface-existence of life. With baptism, the gnostic initiate penetrates the shimmering mask of the material universe to be submerged in the reality of the pleroma, the invisible, all-enveloping, ever-present and…

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ART? Alternatives Issue #9

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / February 1, 2000 /

Back in 1994, one man began having startling realizations about “the very foundations of [his] being.” He… discovered several texts describing gnosticism, one of the three main branches of primitive Christianity. “Somehow, these ancient Christian heretics had already discovered and written about almost every thing I had always suspected” [he later claimed]. Now, as the…

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By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / December 27, 1998 /

"Hmmph. Pitiful. Whoever made up this Gnostic religion is burning in the blackest Hell right now. I wonder why this puny earth and its little inhabitants can't except the real truth? They can't except their limitations or their inferiority. Pathetic!!" – Nathan Cole

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The twisted retart

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / May 31, 1998 /

"This is truley a scary site. May the twisted retart who wrote this incoherant jumble of shit pray to any God he knows for forgiveness. The author clearly knows nothing of gnostic text.I pray you will realize the error of your failed attempt at jocularity and may God have mercy on your soul." – NW

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Gnostics have been lobotomized

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / May 31, 1998 /

"What a bunch of hogwash!!! To be a Gnostic is to be a brainless idiot. Where did you people come up with this babbling, incoherent rhetoric such as "God was only a mad scientist who raped Eve?" Give me a Break!! Trust me, you people will definitely miss The Rapture." – TODD AND ALLISON HINKLE

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Mindless, and grows thin fast

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / March 4, 1998 /

"Learn to look beyond the surface, gnostic, or the big bad Demiurge will get you (either that, or you will die from excessive stupidity). Of course, the bible (including your pet apocryphal gospels) has NOTHING beyond the surface, so you are probably out of practice… Anyway, my point is that your gnostic BS is entertaining…

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A ridiculous heap of depraved intellect

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / February 25, 1998 /

"…I’ve never read such a ridiculous heap of depraved intellect… It seems in your search to fill your insecurity, you’ve decided you take out your anger on the One who can save you – the Lord God. Kinda like biting the hand that would like to feed you… I’m not sure how you can pass…

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