Aliens as cyborgs from the future

Found : Aliens as cyborgs from the future

Consider the possibility of a reality in a different "future" time-space-thought continuum on Earth, where the deformed and technologically advanced and essentially barbaric humans who managed to survive nuclear and other devastations, were genetically engineered by a conquering alien race into a cloneable "living computer", as the only way to survive a totally destroyed biosphere — that in turn could serve the conquering aliens .

Indeed, Gnostics made allusions in their historical documents of an "artificial man". Their observations suggest the possibility that the beings that they witnessed may not be totally alien to our solar system after all, but instead may be from a "future" dimension of time-space-thought, that has developed technological capabilities to also operate trans-dimensionally.

Gnostic texts seem to be an attempt, in part, to appreciate the nature and origins of this apparent "alien" artificial man in the cosmological context of the universe.

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