This is hate-mail

"If this site is a joke, then I'm not laughing. I'm no one to censor art. I'm into low-brow myself, and I'm for free speech. But the illustrations on your website are just plain if I may use the colloquialism "fucked up". Sewing a man's eyes and mouth shut and holding a shoe up to his nostrils? What kind of sick fuck would this even occur to? Who sits around and thinks shit like this up?

Waters of Forgetfulness? "Beware of God"? And that last one there proves that you're little more than a pack of bitter atheists. The maxi-pad illustration and the various depictions of the female ANATOMY prove that you're little more than a pack of horny teenagers.

If this site is supposed to parody religious fanaticism, then it has failed. If anything else, it's a shining example.… funny bordering offensive. Just offensive. "

– Hattie C.

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