The League of False Prophets

” The League of False Prophets (short list):

Jimmy Swaggart

Karl Marx

Jim Baker

Adolf Hitler

Jim Jones

and Rev. Illuminatus Maximus

Anti-Christs say the Bible is hard to read and understand. They obviously have not been to your web site and read your articles of mass confusion. They are nothing but a hodge podge of pagan, wacko, rock worshipping, poly-dieism, writings of ignorant philosophers.

I also noticed how your “true” god, does everything by accident and mistake. You serve a bumbling idiot of a god. Or is it goddess? Who can tell from the illogical crap on your web site.

Sounds like gnosticism is a way to absolve humans from all personal responsibilty for their actions. Or don’t you realize that humans have free will.

You also say that we humans are god.

If you are a god, then save yourself.

Laughing out loud”

– Mike Moxley

Rev Illuminatus Maximus

Welcome to, online home of occult researcher and visionary artist Rev. Illuminatus Maximus.

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