I dont hat Jews nor Islams

“Ignorance is the only word I can find to describe you and your, “Fucked Up” religion…..

You people are poisoning the minds of other human beings on the internet, just because you read some ancient Egyptian scriptures, and now you think you are some Religious Scholars or something.  Why dont you try picking up the bible and try reading it a little more closely.  Maybe you can comprehend it into to your tiny Fucking brains….

I am a Christian, and I dont hat Jews nor Islams.  Why?  Because they dont persecute other religions… But you people top it all.  If there was a word in the dictionary to describe the lowest form of life:  it would definitely be you… Now crawl back from the rock you came from under and I hope the Lord has mercy on you for poisoning other peoples minds!”


Rev Illuminatus Maximus

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  1. Pantheon on December 21, 2007 at 4:43 am

    The only poison I see around here is Religion itself!
    Be not angly at me! The fatality of milennia is not my fault, or yours!
    Are we to blame if mankind has walked for more than 1500 years on the paths handed down to us by madmen and afterworld magicians?
    Is it not the case that death is this lifes end?
    And if you say that earthly life is a passage, I will agree with you.
    A one ticket ride I would add!
    I have nothing to gain from beleaving that death is the final stop.
    It is to my extreeme sadness and bitteness that an afterworld does not exist for me! How much more an eternal nirvana!
    But no my friends.. that is all hocus pocus to me..
    Dont atack me, like Christians atacked Roman morality.
    They tried hard to assimulate you in their Pantheon, but you were always rebelling.
    Your rewards for your rebelion were stationed in the afterlife.
    It is you who forced the Romans to procecute your mesiah!
    You claim that you hold the truth, a truth besides of wich no other truth stands higher. Then you slam and doom everithing that does not beleave and behave like you.
    You want everithing to subdue to your reality, your moral reality to be presise.

    Before any of your religions existed, there was a time where philosophy, difference of opinion, universal religious tolerance was the case, and not the exeption, cause it could be argued that religious of intolerance and elslavment of opinion is the case and not the exeption with every monotheistic religion!

    Long before Christ set foot on this earth, a Greek philosopher conceived the concept, that the good, the perfect and the eternal are all one thing.
    That fusion of concepts lies behind your reasoning fellow Christians, Muslims and monotheists!

    Open your eyes, truth likes to hide itself from us. It always wants to be discovered.
    It always wants to play.
    As pontius Pilate said to Jesus : ‘What is truth?’
    And with that sentence, the voice of reason, science, doubd, questioning, overcoming, opendmindness to ‘new truths’,
    in short, all the virtues of the man of knowledge steped away from all dogma, all conviction, all absolutism.
    The wisest, freeest sentence of the whole bible itself.
    Right there the ‘holy’ book of the revolution against the stron and well costituded becomes obsoleete.
    For the trick of Christian morality is to turn one sick, and then offer him a cure.
    Stop dooming our earthly existance.
    Beleave what you want, your folly is your folly, my folly is my own.
    I will not hunt you down, I will not burn you to the stake, I will not try to enlighten you on a one and only path!

    Universal Tolerance, Universal Diversity.
    How much less blood would have been spiled on earth, if this monotheistic moral absolutism had not set foot on this wonderfull, imaculate and eternal cosmic stroke of luck called Earth!

  2. moonrise on January 1, 2008 at 12:51 am

    i salut anybody that speaks for himself and exprees their opinion, but i will say one thing, “THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD AND MOHAMED IS HIS PROPHET”

  3. barKochba on January 14, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    ..where to begin.

    Perhaps he couldn’t properly spell because he was so distraught over the content on this site. Which kind of makes me giggle. Either way…

    Um…some corrections are in order. Jews don’t believe Jesus was the messiah…in fact they think he was bat-sh!t crazy… and Muslims (not Islams..lol…wow) DO believe that Jesus was the messiah of the JEWS. They don’t believe Jesus was God.

    There was nothing predating Christian texts that would allude that the “future messiah” was supposed to be God. Don’t you think the Jews would of been looking for that? Ah well. It’s ok. Can’t blame you for getting bad information.

    Keep studying. Knowledge is Power 🙂

  4. GnosticAtheist on December 13, 2010 at 11:15 am

    I found his comment on “those other [monotheistic] religions does not persecute…” Simply amazing. So that means that Gnostics persecute(d) Christians? Yes. That is an interesting understanding of history, indeed.

    The following is what I got from reading directly and indirectly his commentary:

    – Muslims do not persecute other religious followers.
    – Christians do not persecute other religious followers.
    – Gnostics persecute everyone.

    If I understand him correctly, this applies to all monotheistic religion now and in the past, as an intrinsic part of that particular religion. I am simply not mentally equipped to comprehend this way of thinking.

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