Fables and fairy tales

"You really believe this stuff?

The prefaces to different sections of your site alone are so full of occult like mystism, one would have to have never investigated any other form of religon in order not to be, at least, suspicious.

It goes to show that movement that collects samplings of this and that religon, to suit to taste, is not new age as much as age old.

I am visiting your site because of various postings on newsgroups such as alt.christnet.theology.  Forgive me for being short, but they were absolutely ludicrous.  Fables and fairy tales, invented for the sole purpose of blasphemy.  Apparently you have swollowed it hook, line and sinker.

Speaking of sinking, i must get to the main point of my letter.  Though, i am looking back on what i have written so far, and feel i have been rather like a bull in the china shop.  I just can’t think of a nicer way to put things. Here’s the deal, if you are embrassing this false teaching, it is like your holding on tightly to the rail of a sinking ship.  You need to get on the life boat before it’s too late.  I’m sure that you have plenty of life boats around you, it’s called the bible.  read it, and it alone, for the truth.

Let God witness to you by His Spirit (John 14:16), let Him reveal to you where and how the old and the new testament are unreversably intertwined"

– Yeshua1st

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