Enemies ! ememies! ememies!… all over the place

"It’s just too bad that this ‘secret’ ( gnosticism re-discovered) has not done its job too well with its devotees in today’s world. It certainly has not liberated you at all – it seems – from a paranoia of seeing an enemy behind every stone (all none gnostics) !!!  Not unlike some of your ‘perceived’  enemies in so-called ‘orthodox’  circles, eh!  Isn’t it evident you’re all alike.Hardline fundamentalists of all stripes (yes, and that you are) all look alike; act alike. No wonder you went into oblivian at thre beginning of Christianity. You’ll have your day–along with those ‘bible punchers’ in Christianity, today. But, God-given human reason and a true ‘apophatic’ Christ centred mysticism of The Church Fathers is the true way. It goes beyond academia (not rejects it) and all of your mythical anti material theology."

– Fred Tiplady

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