Framing and Neural Pathways in Propaganda

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / May 2, 2010 /

Found : t r u t h o u t | Progressives Lack a Limbaugh-Like Voice Words, even those heard casually and listened to incidentally, activate frames – structures of ideas that are physically realized in the brain. The more the words are heard, the more the frames are activated in the brain, and stronger…

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A Brief History of Gnosticism

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / January 18, 2005 /

The original (1996) introduction to this site Gnosticism is an ancient form of alternative Christianity which competed with the Catholic Church for the first 350 years of Christian history. You’ve probably never heard of it, because the Church wiped it out as soon as Roman persecution ended, and the gnostic scriptures were not included in…

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