Marx, Batille and Nietzsche

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / July 5, 2005 /

FOUND: link Marx: The energy of the proletariat will be released through collective action. Bataille: Bravo! We can be noble savages again. Nietzsche: It would be better to release the energy of those who are truly noble– the higher men. Why not start a secret society and create our own values? Bataille: Brilliant! What do…

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ART? Alternatives Issue #9

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / February 1, 2000 /

Back in 1994, one man began having startling realizations about “the very foundations of [his] being.” He… discovered several texts describing gnosticism, one of the three main branches of primitive Christianity. “Somehow, these ancient Christian heretics had already discovered and written about almost every thing I had always suspected” [he later claimed]. Now, as the…

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The writings on your site seem drug-induced

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / August 12, 1997 /

"Your writings are REALLY twisted… Hmmm.. with a name like, and you speak against God, It makes me think that you are an expression of God’s enemy… SATAN? Why not just call the site Would any other genuine Gnostic group claim that anything you say is even remotely close to fact. I doubt…

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