The Brain as parasite

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / June 23, 2006 /

“Reich has suggested that the brain may have become so large and complex that it acts essentially as a parasite, sucking up energy from the body, particularly from the pelvis. This may account for the frequent eye block problem of intellectuals and the so-called “intellectual look” of the “egghead.” ((Baker, Elsworth. The Man in the…

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Multiple Personality Disorder

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / June 22, 2006 /

“Perhaps the most bizarre example of compartmentalization is the psychopathology referred to as multiple personality disorder, in which one body seems to be carrying around a number of distinct personalities. Some of them are sometimes cognizant of the existence of some of the others. The drama within this person becomes “Who is in control?” Interestingly,…

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