multiple personality disorder

Religious Exhibitionism

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / October 27, 2014 /

The attempt to heighten the emotional shock is also seen in the fact that the exhibitionist may choose a church as the scene of his exploits, not during service, for he always avoids a concourse of people, but perhaps towards evening when there are only a few kneeling women scattered through the edifice. The church…

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The Psychopathology of MPD

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / October 19, 2014 /

Perhaps the most bizarre example of compartmentalization is the psychopathology referred to as multiple personality disorder, in which one body seems to be carrying around a number of distinct personalities. Some of them are sometimes cognizant of the existence of some of the others. The drama within this person becomes “Who is in control?” Interestingly,…

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Power of the God Meme

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / April 18, 2010 /

Memes can produce actual physical sensations. For example, the “God meme” is powerful not only because it has “great psychic appeal”… it also can produce strong physical sensations, like euphoria. It even drives people… to various states of arousal, and can lead to behaviors that range from harmless to murderous. Being directly linked to genes,…

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God and His Angels Rape Eve

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / August 7, 2000 /

The Rulers laid plans to impregnate Eve and create a slave race to worship them, but Eve simply laughed and hid in the Tree of Knowledge, leaving her sperm-spilling suitors with naught but a ghostly decoy. “…Eve, since she existed as a power, laughed at their false intention. She darkened their eyes and left her…

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