Naughty Norea

The Archons Lie to Norea and try to Rape her

It was not Noah who was the hero of the flood story, but Eve’s daughter Norea – a fiery, rebellious young woman who sabotaged Noah’s ark, rejected Yaldabaoth’s lecherous advances and finally escaped on the wings of an angel.

Yaldabaoth, the story goes, was so disturbed when he realized that mankind had begun to “multiply and improve” ((”Hypostasis of the Archons.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 78.)) that he decided to drown the whole Earth in a flood, killing all of the smart humans and saving only the stupid ones. Noah was especially pliable and dull-witted, so Yaldabaoth chose him to build an ark.

It wasn’t long, however, before Eve’s daughter Norea discovered Noah’s ark and tried to board it. Noah refused to allow Norea to board the ark, so Norea breathed fire and burned Noah’s ark to the ground:

“Then Norea came to him, wanting to board the ark. And when he would not let her, she blew upon the ark and caused it to be consumed by fire. Again he made the ark, for a second time…”  ((”Hypostasis of the Archons.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 78.))

Things continued like this for a while, with Noah rebuilding the ark and Norea setting it on fire. Eventually, Yaldabaoth realized that Norea was too much trouble to drown, so he decided to descend to the earth and rape her instead:

“The Rulers went to meet [Norea], intending to lead her astray. Their supreme chief said to her, “Your mother, Eve, came to us.”

But Norea turned to them and said: “It is you who are the Rulers of the Darkness; you are accursed. And you did not know my mother; instead it was your female counterpart that you knew. For I am not your descendant; rather it is from the World Above that I am come.”

The arrogant Ruler [Yaldabaoth] turned with all his might. He said to her presumptuously, ‘You must render service to us, as did also your mother Eve.’ ” ((”Hypostasis of the Archons.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 78.))

Norea cried out to the heavens for help and was rescued by Eleleth (Hebrew=”Understanding”), an Aonic angel  who taught her about her origins and destiny in the world beyond time:

“Do you think these Rulers have any power over you? None of them can prevail against the Root of Truth… You, together with your offspring, are from the Primeval Father; from Above, out of the imperishable Light, their souls are come. Thus the Authorities cannot approach them because of the Spirit of Truth present within them…” ((”Hypostasis of the Archons.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 79.))

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  1. mike on April 16, 2009 at 9:02 am

    fire is a symbol for a logic that destroys all other inaccurate information that impacts the self through the root of ones own truth-when she breathed fire -she spoke words -noah didnt have a boat -noahs arc is a cave which is symbol for a place in thought where the self hides from this imacting logical truth –

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