Eating from the Tree

Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge and absorbed some of Eve’s divine force. The surge of living, intelligent energy in his nervous system triggered a spontaneous kundalini arousal, opening a direct channel between his reproductive organs and his brain and blowing his third eye open.

Suddenly able to see into non-ordinary reality, Adam could now perceive the archons for what they truly were – loathsome alien parasites dedicated to fear and oppression:

“You are the Tree of Knowledge, which is in Paradise, from which the first man ate and which opened his mind, so that he became enamored of his co-likeness, and condemned other alien likenesses, and loathed them.”1

The veil lifted from their minds, Adam and Eve were restored to sanity and could now voice their perceptions with humor and imagination:

“They assert… that Christ was the one called by our Scriptures the Serpent, and they assure us that they have been given insight into this in order to open the eyes of knowledge and to distinguish between Good and Evil… God, who issued the Law through Moses, and who spoke through the Hebrew prophets, was not the true God but one of the Rulers of Darkness…”2

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