Review of the Magdalene Sisters

Found : Review of the Magdalene Sisters

Speaking after the UK premiere of "The Magdalene Sisters" in Glasgow, one 65- year old woman told director Peter Mullan, "It's not nearly bad enough. You didn't show it as it really was. We were only babies. It was a lot worse. It was horrendous."…

Another abuse victim from Ireland, now 65, said: "A lot of what I saw I related to, but after the film I told Peter Mullan that it should have been stronger, that we were abused and we were only babies. I was six when I went into a Catholic institution and my younger sister was just three-and-a-half. I was given horrendous beatings by nuns and you could see the rage in their eyes. I was even held over a fire and told I would be thrown into hell. The abuse was constant and the psychological damage horrendous".

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