Hint For Heretics / The Real War…

Found : Hint For Heretics / The Real War…

As long as you believe that people are born either controllers or spies for love, elect or damned, good or bad, you deny humanity’s ability to understand and cure its own sickness. To see this, try the following thought-experiment: suppose that somewhere in the universe there were satanically-cold beings who wished to turn the universe into a machine governed by their computerised control-centre. In the game of cosmic espionage, how could they win humans for their cause? Not so easy! Their problem is that it’s impossible for a warm-blooded being to enjoy control and subjugation. Unfortunately for them, it’s in our nature to be motivated by joy, and to feel empathy for the pain of others.

Therefore, it’s evident that we can only be co-opted for a control agency if our emotional life has been somehow sabotaged. It’s equally evident that this has been done on a global scale. The greatest part of our social structures is designed to perpetuate this sabotage.

Rev Illuminatus Maximus

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