H.P. Lovecraft: Visionary of the Void

Found : H.P. Lovecraft: Visionary of the Void

The occult subgenres holds up a mirror to Consensual reality. Occultists readily sneer at Slave-God religions and then piss themselves in ecstasy buying a genuine set of Aleister Crowley socks. There is much talk of the magician as a dangerous rebel or anarch of the soul by people who go on to 'legitimate' their position by waving charters, certificates and copyrighted logos. I mean, who really gives a fart, other than the fools who will buy into anything which resembles even faintly 'ancient wisdom.' This is often the position taken by so-called 'magicians' who seek to elevate themselves by claiming to evoke demons, summon Satan, or command entities such as the Great Old Ones from other dimensions. These are the cries of the powerless and fatuous attempting to elevate themselves by claiming authority over 'forces' which they imagine can be controlled by such as they.

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