Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development

Kohlberg's concept of consecutive stages of moral development is rich with theological implications. An application of his theory to the story of God's dealing with ancient Israel, offers a rational explanation of actions on God's part which may seem harsh or unduly severe from our perspective. ((http://www.aggelia.com/htdocs/kohlberg.shtml))

Rev Illuminatus Maximus

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  1. georgia karafyllis on February 24, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    I used this sight late october to reserch different applications to Kohlberg,s theories and your was my favourite (Biblical applications of Kohlberg’s moral stages of moral development) I would like to access this, but it is telling me no access and i would like to know what the reason as i had no problem before. This is verry inportant to me and i didnt save it last time and i would love to read it again please.

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