The Forbidden Fruit

Reverse Psychology of the Gods

Hoping to keep mankind ignorant, the Archons warned Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge:

“Then the seven took counsel. They came to Adam and Eve timidly. They said to him… “Every tree which is in Paradise, whose fruit may be eaten, was created for you. But beware! Don’t eat from the Tree of Knowledge. If you do eat, you will die.” After they gave them a great fright, they withdrew up to their Authorities.” ((”On the Origin of the World.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 71.))

Unfortunately for the bumbling Archons, the “Hidden God” had tricked them into using reverse psychology; thus, Adam and Eve would eat from the tree and see the Rulers for what they are: animal-headed aliens bent on enslaving humanity!

“[The Rulers] do not understand what they have said to [Adam]; rather, by the Father’s will, they said this in such a way that he might in fact eat, and that Adam might not regard them as would a man of an exclusively material nature.” ((”Hypostasis of the Archons.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 77.))

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