God and His Angels Rape Eve

Eve enters the Tree of Knowledge

The Rulers laid plans to impregnate Eve and create a slave race to worship them, but Eve simply laughed and hid in the Tree of Knowledge, leaving her sperm-spilling suitors with naught but a ghostly decoy.

“…Eve, since she existed as a power, laughed at their false intention. She darkened their eyes and left her likeness there stealthily beside Adam. She entered the Tree of Knowledge, and remained there. But they tried to follow her. She revealed to them that she had entered the tree and become tree. And when the blind ones fell into a great fear, they ran away.” ((“On the Origin of the World.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 70.))

Struggling back to consciousness as though from a trance, the Rulers attacked and sodomized the simulated Eve, unaware that she was a mere hallucination – a projection of their own, sick minds:

“Afterwards, when [the Rulers] sobered up from the stupor, they came to Adam. And when they saw the likeness of that woman with him, they were troubled, thinking that this was the true Eve.

And they acted recklessly, and came to her and seized her and cast their seed upon her. They did it with a lot of tricks, not only defiling her naturally but abominably, defiling the seal of her first voice, which before spoke with them, saying, ‘What is it that exists before you?’

And they were deceived, not knowing that they had defiled their own body. It was the likeness which the Authorities and their angels defiled in every form.” ((“On the Origin of the World.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 70.))

Rev Illuminatus Maximus

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  1. mike on April 16, 2009 at 9:24 am

    the elemental god spirit in adam is logic that calculates itself with the root of his truth who is eve inside adam -eve is the sacred feminine of adam -logic is the masculine thought of god and his root of truith is his sacred feminine who together then give birth to intellect-the christ -and wisdom -christs sacred feminine
    -the elemental god spirit works this way in us too-there is an elemental evil spirit in us also who must calculate itself with fear inside the self -fear of the truth in root -who then we give birth to a lust over the intellect and wisdom that feed us knowledge and knowledge of perfecting love -that fills the self with pleromas fullness
    the son of the god spirit in element is intellect and wisdom
    -the son of the elemental evil spirit is itself that calculates itself with fear -a female spirit that gives birth to lust that equals only hunger and pain through its addictive quality -addictions hunger can neverf be filled
    but i dont know if fear is a female spirit of her own or if the root of truth -the sacred feminine of god in the self is transformed into fear and lust -does anyone else know?

  2. mike on April 16, 2009 at 9:50 am

    and speaking of rape -it is not physical rape they speak of -it is spiritual rape through the defilement of truth -turning the lie into what appears to the self to be a truth and its knowledge- and to the unknowledgeable we accept these defilements of truth to become our knowledge and knowledge base to opperate from -and through our ignorence we allow for the anti christ to be born through our human will to allow for a lust to breath and bread into addictions hungers -but when we refuse to act untill all assumptions are confirmed we give birth to the christ of intellect and wisdom of the confirmed assumption in which case then fills what is empty and completes us in spirit leaving us to need almost nothing
    unconfirmed assumptions are not the strongest elements that create the defilement -it is through the human sexual that is the strongest defilment -when we give into our sexual needs over the truth in the root in the self -we willingly choose lust-anti christ- over truth intellect wisdom logic and love for what the god spirit in the self is trying to get through to us –
    sex is not the sin -the sin is to ignore reject deny or suppress what truth we know to give into the sexual lust -this in fact is giving the self over to the dark spirit and taking the self away from the holy spirit that creates itself inside us when we remain loyal to the elemental god spirit in the self of truth logic intellect and wisdom -it is only the emotional response we react to that makes us affraid to speak the truth that god feeds us to express -in our reaction to what is the emotional response -the whole world fears truth and emotion because we are converted from our natural accptance and expression of our truth in childhood when the human child is rejected for the expression -and then the child begins to fear the truth in root and its logic and its result -intellect and wisdom -where the first fear becomes a darkness that grows as does truth in light but in reverse and this is the definition of duality in short -the first lust created for the child is to remain safe from the pain and spiritual traumas of its own root of truth-the sacred feminine -the mother god and the god spirit that speaks to the child in silent thought of logic who is the same being -the perfect mother and father -we must all begin to return to the light of our god spirit in ourselves as it was in childhood before 2012
    i want the whole world to but only half will achieve this -those of us who do return to the light in ourselves will be onward bound to the next level of heaven -those who not will meet misfortune -go to the website and learn human -read or wach the vids or both -your human holy spirit depends on it -and its free info -you will not be asked for money -never -the god spirit in you is not for sale and neither is its map of understanding how the elemental holy and god spirit works inside the self of you-www.jesusinterpreted.com -we are not alone -and you are not alone with what you fear nor are you alone with how you feel-

  3. reidh on October 11, 2009 at 2:00 am

    Your Yaldabaoth and the rulers sounds so much like the teachings of the SubGenius

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