Yaldabaoths Vision

Immortal Man in the Garden of Eden

When Yaldabaoth realized that his creation was threatened by Immortal Man, he began to preen and bluster shamelessly:

“… when he actually knew that an enlightened, immortal man existed before him, [Yaldabaoth] was very much disturbed….

…Like a fool [he] acted recklessly, and said, “If someone exists before me, let him appear so that we might see his light.” And immediately, behold, a light came [from] above, and passed through all the heavens of the earth. ((“On the Origin of the World.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 66-67.))

Immortal Man could only reveal himself to Yaldabaoth indirectly; even so, Yaldabaoth was shocked when the primal cosmic human appeared as a reflection in the pooling waters of Paradise, a hologram from a higher dimension sent to haunt the Demiurge with the vision of his own collapse.

“The entire realm of the Chief Ruler quaked, and the foundations of hell shook. The bottomside of the waters above the material world was lit up by the image that had appeared. When all the Authorities and the Chief Ruler stared at this appearance, they saw the whole bottomside as it was lit uAnd through the light they saw the shape of the image in the water.” ((The Secret Book of John.” The Secret Teachings of Jesus. Trans. Marvin W. Meyer. Vintage, 1984. 69.))

Immortal man dove back into his own reflection, hiding himself from the Yaldabaoth and the Rulers once again. The Rulers howled with laughter and pointed at Yaldabaoth. Yaldabaoth, they now knew, was not only clumsy, but a liar too:

“[Before] Immortal Man withdrew, the authorities saw him in Chaos. They laughed at the Chief Ruler because he lied, saying, “I am God. No one else exists before me.”” ((“On the Origin of the World.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 68.))

So Yaldabaoth devised a cunning scheme: with the help of the Rulers, he would create and give life to a race of creatures called “humans,” beings with immortal, intangible spirits and the easily controlled bodies of naked, primate slaves.

“[Yaldabaoth] answered and said: “Yes, but if you desire that he not be able to destroy our work, come, let us create a man from the earth according to the image of our body and according to the likeness of that one, in order that he may serve us…

Then he will no longer ruin our work, but we shall make those who will be begotten from the light servants to ourselves…” ((“On the Origin of the World.” The Other Bible. Ed. Willis Barnstone. Harper San Francisco, 1984. 68.))

The powers of Chaos would drag Immortal Man down to earth. They would fragment, overpower and trap his essence in their experimental golems. Immortal man would lose his identity and his mind; he would turn against himself, hypnotized by the sight of himself in so many separate beings.

Rev Illuminatus Maximus

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  1. anthony on February 18, 2011 at 8:31 am

    This is happening…to me. This man of this website is pretty much dead on with what ive experienced as a delver into the occult via short cut drugs. The outcome nightmarish and somehow ive been able to keep my cool through most of it. I had to drop all fear of death and take the facts of their abilities to tap into our minds by parasitic seeding. This is happening alot. I have to clear myself continously as to not be a detrament to others. Im about clear of them as i have quit drugs and take all the screen visions as a stupid game by primordial elementals. They are dangerous and yes losing your mind is very possible as they egg you on for years before you realized you have been duped. Impossible to defeat…No. Odds against you …..Yes. If anyone is experienceing this. Find a professional Extractor. Pranic Extraction Practitioner. These bastards are using us as portals to make that leap to our dimension while they keep the soul essence in a compartment in what i think is the inorganic realm. 2nd dimension.

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