What is The Matrix?

Found : What is The Matrix?

The Matrix is the system used by foreign forces operating on this planet, so as to accelerate spiritual choices of each individual on Earth without violating their free will.

They use terrestrial shapes to live as characters among us – in disguise – infiltrated in society, behaving exactly like terrestrial humans do.

Earth is already under foreign Intervention in a disguised manner, since several decades ago.

The Matrix is a system of control based on thought reading, on the Pavlovian association of ideas and on the manipulation of language and doubletalk.

It is also based on subliminal techniques of control that "fishes" from your mind trivial answers about your ordinary life that your manipulators already know.

It intentionally explores mathematical similarities between your life and the very lives of the Intelligences behind the masks.

It produces feelings of self-pity by artificially creating elements that have a strong similarity with aspects of your past.

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