About Mutant Genes

The suggestion of a genetically transferable characteristic being walled off from utilization was startling. Is it possible that we carry in our cells for generation after countless generation information that is waiting only for the proper signal before emerging? And what would that signal be?

When I followed the theory that the intent of man’s nature is survival and all the mechanisms of his body were designed to furnish the means for survival and procreation (the one form of immortality we know exists), then I found a place for the walled-off gene. The constant battering of an environment weighted against survival may be the signal for the walled-off gene to emerge. We know that mutation exists and think of it as an aberration of form. When the so-called mutation provides a characteristic that enables the species to survive in a new form we call it a beneficial mutation. Much of the modern theory of evolution leans on the appearance of the mutant as a better-equipped unit.1

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