The Virtual Multiverse Theory of Free Will

Found : The Virtual Multiverse Theory of Free Will

Borges portrayed the world as consisting of pathways defining series of events, in which each pathway eventually reaches a decision-point at which it forks out into more than one future pathway. Borges’ “paths” are the “branches” of the mathematical “tree structures” used to model multiverses; and his decision points are the nodes or “branch-points” of the trees. Actual reality is then considered as a single “universe” which is a single series of events defined by following one series of branching-choices through the mathematical tree. The many-universes interpretation of quantum physics posits that the multiverse is physically real, even though we as individuals only see one universe; and that an act of quantum measurement consist of a choice of direction at a branching point in the multiverse tree…. [W]hat I am hypothesizing here is that we perceive a psychologically real multiverse… and that free will has something to do… with the choice of directions…

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