The Spiritual Body

Satan’s goal is to teach humans to regain the conscious control of their spirit bodies. Many do. Once this is achieved, these people can perceive the spirit world as well as the physical world. They can talk freely with demons, leave their physical bodies with their spirit bodies, and with full conscious awareness go places and do things with, what seems to the average human, supernatural power. They can levitate objects without ever touching them physically, light candles without a match, create physical healings, etc. Human spirits torment and afflict many people just the same as demon spirits do. We can’t see them because our physical eyes cannot see the spirit world. Only a spirit can see a spirit or the spiritual world…

God does not want His people to control their spirit bodies in such a manner. If we did so, not only would we be open to overwhelming temptations to sin, we would not need to be so dependent upon Him and we would also be constantly aware…1

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