Fall of God

…the Creation was in fact an ‘information collapse’ – a ‘colossal increase in entropy’ as Davies puts it; indeed, in Gnostic and subsequent Alchemical versions of the fall it is God Himself who falls, and is thereafter imprisoned unconscious in the chains of matter. Thus it was that the alchemists saw it as their task to take part in the redemption of God, in a complete and highly heretical reversal of the usual, Christian formulation where God, as Jesus, works for our redemption, in which we have nothing but a passive role. The alchemists were happy to entertain many myths on the subject, and also saw the fall as the castration of the original bisexual or hermaphroditic Goddess, and the creation of separate male and female existence is a tale of another great loss of cosmic symmetry. Finally – and this is not without significance with regard to schizophrenia – the esoteric legend of the fall holds that the ‘original man’ had a number of powers or higher faculties, such as the gift of telepathy, the power of clairvoyance, the power of healing and astral projection, and so on.1

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