Siddhis and the Affective World

FOUND:  khepher

… the Affective Reality, the Vital World, the Universe of Asiyah, the Intermediate Zone, call it what you will, is a very important region that determines the nature of mundane consciousness. This is the region to which occultism and magick strongly pertain. Occultism in fact is nothing but a science and technology of the Subtle Physical and Affective realities…

The incredible power of some gurus, such as Da Free John and Sai Baba, also appear to pertain at least in part to the affective worlds.

The beings of the affective universe include some that are positive and helpful, others negative, others indiffirfent, to the human condition and the plight of sentient beings. Unlike the other spiritual realms, where the forces and principles are positive, constructive, creative, and of the Light, those of the Affective Universe may be dangerous to get involved with. Or equally they may be helpful. Also, many gods of the higher spoiritiual realms ctraete emanations in the Affective…

…here are other forces here as well; it is not simply a region of hostile forces, just as it isn’t of positive only. We can say then that the Physical Astral is very much a polarised region – a region of light and dark – encompassing both anti-divine and wholesome powers, such as the devic powers behind Nature, various spiritual beings that communicate through New Age channelled mediumism (including references to UFOs, galactic councils, etc), and also the sorts of beings visualised in Tibetan Buddhism, which may appear “wrathful” but actually confer liberation….

The essential nature of this region is that it represents neither pure truth nor pure falsehood, but an inextricable and dangerously misleading combination of the two… the Western Occult tradition deals particularly with this region, and has developed certain techniques to help one navigate through its reefs. For example, if one is travelling through the astral planes and one encounters a being, one gives certain signs and tests, and if it responds correctly, one knows one is in the right place.

The concept of the “Intermediate Zone” is invaluable for an understanding the nature of psychic, spiritual, and occult reality in general. I would argue that it is the “Intermediate zone” that is actually the source of most of what are considered genuine “religious” or “spiritual” experiences, and that only very few of those sorts of experiences are genuinely spiritual. For it cannot be denied that many religionists, especially the younger and more zealous, have experienced something, which they tediously claim to be none other than the Supreme Godhead Itself. It is when we inquire into the real nature of this “something” that things become interesting….

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