Sensitive? Step Aside – Study Finds Women on the Pill Prefer Macho Men

The study, completed by psychologists at St. Andrews and Stirling universities in Scotland, suggests that since women on the pill don't have to worry about reproduction, they tend to choose men to whom they are simply physically attracted.

"Women who are on the pill are not ovulating," sex therapist Laura Berman told Good Morning America. "So without the possibility of a baby in the picture, it seems to say that women simply choose the man they find most attractive, not who would make the best father. They aren't looking for someone to help them raise a child."

The researchers found that women taking the pill tended to choose macho-looking men with pronounced masculine features such as big cheekbones, jaws and chin, and to rate men with more feminine and softer physical features — which some psychologists say are signs of a sensitive nature that can make a man a better long-term companion — as turnoffs.1

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