Retroactive Enchantment

“Changes to the ego or self-image or personality by magic are classed as works of illumination and are mainly accomplished by retroactive enchantment and invocation. Retroactive enchantment in this case consists of rewriting our personal history. As our history largely defines our future, we can change our future by redefining our past. Everybody has some capacity to reinterpret things which were considered to have gone wrong in the past in a more favorable light, but most fail to pursue the process to the full.

We cannot eliminate disabling memories, but by an effort of visualization and imagination we can write in parallel, enabling memories of what might also have happened, to neutralize the originals. We can also, where possible, modify any remaining physical evidence that favors the disabling memory.”1

  1. Carroll, Peter. Liber Kaos. Red Wheel / Weiser, 1992. 124. []
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