Quantum Psychodynamics of Dreams

Found : Quantum Psychodynamics of Dreams

As Freud so brilliantly described in The Interpretation of Dreams, the unconscious contains many things that we will not allow to enter into consciousness. During the day, the conscious mind is very active in focusing attention on those things we wish to think about, or to admit to ourselves. The activities of the preconscious mind in excluding unwanted elements were called defenses by Freud. And what are we defending? Our own self images, our own concept of ourselves, our own egos. Part of doing this, one of our defenses, is to deny the existence of the unconscious, and to deny its primacy in all thought processes. There are two great conspiracies of silence which characterized twentieth century science, and they are one and the same: 1) silence about the quantum reality, and 2) silence about the unconscious reality. They are not conspiracies of people in the ordinary sense. The exclusion of the unconscious reality is not conscious, it is preconscious, just as Freud said.

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