Adam Kadmon, Gnosticism & Morphic resonance

In a profound new scientific model concerning memory known as Morphic Resonance, (that is startlingly similar to the Gnostic concept of Anthropos….), the human DNA molecule becomes a receiver for the human being signal, and this signal contains not only the necessary genetic information needed for the creation and maintenance of the material body but also contains a record of all accumulated human knowledge and experience. The biologist and biochemist, who developed the Morphic Resonance theory, Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., hypothesizes that “the development of forms in living creatures is governed by a morphogenetic field–a kind of biological field that can, by a process called morphic resonance, be ‘tuned in’ to by other members of the same species and so influence their development” (Sheldrake 1984)1

  1. The Anti-Christ revealed. []
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