Is God schizophrenic?

Found : Is God schizophrenic?

[S]chizophrenia is where God's game of auto-amnesia is blown prematurely, so that the schizophrenic realizes that he is actually God, but – because the understanding has not unfolded in the proper way – the result of this revelation is confusion, terror and existential isolation. This theory of schizophrenia is in many ways no more unreasonable than many others that we are happy to entertain – in fact it would, arguably, be an improvement in a number of ways. For example, such a theory would automatically mean that the schizophrenic would be given respect, since God obviously commands respect, even when confused and not Himself…. Another advantage would be that the schizophrenic process, rather than being viewed negatively as a meaningless pathological accident, would be recognized as an aspect of the universal adventure of consciousness. One would, therefore, have respect for the process itself, which would, to some extent at least – mitigate against the suffering involved.

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