Goswami’s Monist Idealism

Once we recognize that biological mutation (which includes the mutation of prebiotic molecules) is a quantum event, we realize that the universe bifurcates in every such event in the transcendent domain, becoming many branches, until in one of the branches there is a sentient being that can look with awareness and complete a quantum measurement. At this point the causal pathway leading to that sentient being collapses into space-time reality. John Wheeler calls this kind of scenario the closure of the meaning circuit by ‘observer-participancy.’ Meaning arises in the universe when sentient beings observe it, choosing causal pathways from among the myriad transcendent possibilities. If this sounds as if we are re-establishing an anthropocentric view of the universe, so be it. The time and context for a strong anthropic principle has come – the idea that ‘observers are necessary to bring the universe into being.’… We are the center of the universe because we are its meaning.1

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