Parallel Universe Atoms

Each and every atom in your brain and body is connected to each and every atom everywhere. Indeed the most profound connection is between the atom and its sisters or brothers in the local parallel universes that immediately surround it. Those universes make up its electron wave cloud. As long as no attempt is made to discern where the electron actually is, it is present in all of these universes simultaneously. These universes overlap, producing the single universe containing a stable atom. When an electron is discovered in any universe by an observing piece of equipment or an atomic scientist, the overlapping universes split apart. Then that equipment or scientist enters into all the parallel universes, each sister piece or scientist’s brain recording a different measurement for the electron’s location.1

  1. (Frederick Alan Wolf, Parallel Universes:
    The Search for Other Worlds, p. 297, pub. A.D. 1988 []
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