Entheogens and Archons

…Jim DeKorne, the first editor of The Entheogen Review, suggests that the entheogenic experience wakes up people so that they can no longer approach Deity as "passive and obedient" children. DeKorne seems torn between suggesting that entheogens serve as catalysts for "entities" in our own unconscious and an self-consciously gnostic interpretation in which there are indeed Powers — Archons — in the universe that only wish to exploit humankind…

While resonating with much of the Classical Gnostic literature, DeKorne (and I) do not share the Gnostics' methods. He does not seek to purify himself and bypass the archonic checkpoints on his way to The Light. Rather, his method is shamanic: "It is also the essence of shamanism to acquire helpers (allies, teachers) who instruct one how to manipulate the artifacts of non-ordinary reality. In traditional cultures these entities are often seen as the resident spirits of the hallucinogenic plants1

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