Divine Implosion

“The universe is not born of the design or act of a genetic God, particularly since the genetic God in the Bible is only a degenerate God. The universe emerges from the process of the infinite retreating upon itself, as if this infinite were characterized by a kind of impurity. This retraction of the infinite upon itself results in a fall, a plunge; it resembles a fissure or crack in a glass vessel. Concepts like a fissure or crack are quite useful as metaphors and are just as appropriate as the closely related metaphor of the big bang. In any case, the movement leads to a countermovement, that is, to a universe that creates and produces itself. This universe is paradoxical in nature because in it there is in fact complexity, complexes, and autogenetic organizations that nevertheless followed from phenomena of destruction.”1

  1. Morin, Edgar. “Approaches to Nothingness.” Looking Back at the End of the World. Semiotexte, 1989. 85-86. []
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