Dattatreya the sadhu and the antinomian impulse

Found : Dattatreya the sadhu and the antinomian impulse

The main work attributed to Dattatreya is the Avhadhuta Upanishad, which describes the conditions of the liberated soul, one who is unfettered by dogma, habit, ritual or conventional morality. According to Dattatreya, the liberated one need not have any particular appearance, lifestyle, religion or social role. He/she may be a naked yogi or a prince, may appear pious or blasphemous, ascetic or hedonistic. The important thing is that, for the liberated soul, there is no "doer" of an action, and no beneficiary. One acts without thinking "this will give me pleasure" or "this is what I ought to do." This is similar to ideas found in other, apparently completely different, mystical traditions such as Sufism (c.f. Mevlana's comment that when we loose an arrow it is not us but God who shoots).

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