Astroshamanism, trance, ecstasy and visionary states

Found : Astroshamanism, trance, ecstasy and visionary states

Trance and shamanic states of consciousness are part of the genetic structure of mankind. Each one of us has an inner biological need for ecstatic experiences. The problem is that such experiences, as is emphasised by the terms used to define them (altered or non-ordinary states of consciousness, hallucinations, trance, etc.), are often regarded as abnormal or dangerous. In the majority of contemporary human cultures they do not find space in the official educational or scientific context and tend to be socially unacceptable. As a consequence they often end up being expressed through harmful manifestations such as alcoholism, drug addictions, perversion, sex addiction, criminality, etc. Shamanic states of consciousness represent the major taboo for the ordinary perception of the world as they cause its deceptive structure to vanish and expose to the secrets of our origin, that is where we come from and how and why we got to be here.

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