A toke a day keeps memory loss at bay

Found : A toke a day keeps memory loss at bay
Small doses of marijuana improve the function of aging brains, scientists find

Turns out a few dances with Mary Jane can do wonders for an aging brain.

Yes, a daily toke in later-middle and old age can help slow memory loss, or the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis, a new study suggests.

It’s a pre-emptive strike, one not effective at reversing previous memory loss. But aging boomers still shouldn’t go overboard, researchers say. In tests on lab rats, all it took was the equivalent of one human puff.

“We are not trying to make anyone high,” said Gary Wenk, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Ohio State University. “We are trying to tease out the positive aspects of this plant.”

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